Dörthe Eickelberg
Augen Unterschrift

Personal Dates:

  • Place of birth: Unna, Germany
  • Foreign languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish
  • Sports: surfing, kiteboarding, horseriding, marathon-running, yoga


  • Abitur, A- levels
  • Philosophy, German Literature, Art History; Wilhelms- Universität Münster
  • Diploma, Film Academy Baden- Württemberg, Ludwigsburg
  • Founding member and partner at Labo M GmbH

Presenter TV:

  • ARTE „X:ENIUS“ (daily science show, ongoing since 2009)
  • WDR Poetry Slam (2006, performance on pilot project and late night show)

Presenter Internet TV:

  • BE BERLINER: English Satire on WATCHBERLIN.DE, 15 episodes à 5 Min.
  • ACHTUNG BERLIN Festival TV, Talkshow, 8 episodes à 90 Minuten
  • Geobeats.com, English travel show, 30 episodes à 3 Minuten

Presentator live (selection):

  • 50 years French-German friendship, DFJW/OFAJ, official ceremony, Paris
  • Welcome reception of the HEAD OF MINISTERS, Landesstiftung Baden- Württemberg
  • Award ceremony NATURVISION, Ludwigsburg
  • Debates about social, virtual and digital matters, TELEKOM
  • Award ceremony PORSCHE ADVERTISEMENT FILM AWARD (in Engl.), Ludwigsburg
  • Award ceremony CALIGARI, Ludwigsburg
  • Worldwide dealer meeting for PORSCHE AG (in Engl.), Agency G&D LIVE:MOTIVE, formerly known as MAXSENSE, Balearic Islands 
  • Int'l press presentation for CADILLAC (in Engl.), Agency BRANDSCAPE and MARITZ EUROPE, Cote d'Azur
  • ROTARY spring gala, SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK and others
  • Günter Rohrbach Movie Award Ceremony, Neunkirchen
  • International Filmfestivals (ITFS, International Festival of Animation Stuttgart, Filmwinter, FMX Stuttgart, MOP Saarbrücken and many more)

Films (selection):

  • BE BERLINER, English Satire series, 15 episodes à 5 Minutes, 2008
  • FAIRIES AND OTHER TALES, documentary, 55 Minutes, 2004
  • WALDI UND DER WOLF, animated short film, 9 Minutes, 2001
  • VOGELPERSPEKTIVEN, animated short film, 3 Minutes, 1999

Stand up and Improv Theatre (selection):

  • GOOD OLD BOYS AND GIRLS, cabaret trio, shows in the Senftöpfchen in Cologne, the Unterhaus in Mainz and others, several prize nominations. Curator: Richard Rogler
  • Improv comedy and theatre (IM FREIEN FALL, LAUGHOLYMPICS BERLIN)
  • Standup- Tour in Canada and the USA


  • ANIMATION SANS FRONTIÈRES, English improv workshop for international animators

Member of Jury and Advisory Board:

  • FBCU, Festival Brasileiro de Cinéma Universitario, Rio de Janeiro
  • Festival EUROPA CINEMA, Viareggio
  • Science Festival Karlsruhe
  • MEDFILM Festival, Rome
  • Youth Film Festival, Berlin
  • BITBANG Festival, Digital Arts Festival, Florence

Art- Grants (selection):

  • Artist in Residence, GUNNAR GUNNARSSON, Iceland
  • Artist in Residence, MURAL GLOBAL, Brazil

Nominations (selection):

  • GRAND DOCUMENTARY PRIZE, Film Festival Taipei, Taiwan,
    for „Fairies and Other Tales“

Awards (selection):

  • FIRST PRIZE of the Jury, Film Festival Verden, for „Waldi and the Wolf“
  • FIRST PRIZE "Best documentary", Film Festival Turin, for „Fairies and Other Tales“

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